Site Inspection, Grading Plans, & More in Manzanita, OR

Projects that require a civil engineer in Manzanita, OR range from building construction and site development to the creation of roadways and utilities. Morgan Civil Engineering, Inc. has the experience and the knowledge of the communities along the northern Oregon coast necessary to assist in the successful completion of a huge variety of projects, and I’m pleased to offer a number of civil engineering services. These services include:

Site Inspection


To ensure a site planned for development is either hazard-free or taking hazards into an appropriate account, I’ll help by coordinating with area geologists to prepare reports noting any hazards and outlining recommendations for hazard mitigation.

Plan Reviews

Construction Inspections

Before building commences, I’ll inspect construction sites for issues that can be solved through smart foundation construction, drainage and grading. During construction, I can conduct inspections to ensure the work is proceeding as planned, then draw up plan reviews to get you prepped.

Sewer Design

Road Design, Sewer Design, & Water Main Design

I can prepare plans for the extension of road and utility systems as per any relevant local guidelines. In addition, I can produce reports to assist in the construction or modification of utility systems, including sewer line extensions and water master plans.

Construction Inspection

Additional Services

I provide a variety of additional engineering services to help builders ensure their projects proceed smoothly and are completed in a safe and reliable manner. If you’re interested in consulting with a civil engineer about any project, I’d love to speak with you.

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For the quality engineering services in Manzanita, OR that your project requires, contact us at 503-801-6016. After you’ve learned more about us, I’m committed to offering my knowledge and expertise to ensure your project takes shape just as you wish, and my understanding of the rules and regulations governing building in Tillamook County, Clatsop County, and Lincoln County, OR, which means I’m your best bet for civil engineering services along the northern Oregon coast.

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